July 15, 2024

The Lagos State Police Command has detained two officers involved in an unauthorized operation that led to the death of a civilian. The Command’s spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, disclosed this in a statement released on Saturday.

Incident Details The detained officers, who are part of the State Taskforce, engaged in an illegal duty on Wednesday, accompanied by several civilians. Their operation was not sanctioned by the police authorities, marking it as unauthorized.

Fatal Encounter During the illegal operation, the team encountered resistance from motorcycle riders, culminating in the death of one of the civilians involved. The specifics of the operation and the circumstances leading to the fatality are under investigation.

Ongoing Disciplinary Actions SP Hundeyin confirmed that disciplinary proceedings have begun against the detained officers. The Command is also actively searching for the civilian accomplices who participated in the unauthorized operation.

Investigation and Prosecution An investigation is underway to identify, arrest, and prosecute those responsible for the civilian’s death. The Lagos State Police Command emphasized its commitment to holding accountable any personnel who breach protocol and engage in unauthorized activities.

This incident highlights the critical issue of police conduct and accountability, underscoring the need for strict adherence to authorized operations to prevent such tragedies.

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