March 29, 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari, Wednesday in State House, Abuja, charged the Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MOFI) to grow its Assets Under Management from the current value of 18 trillion Naira, to at least 100 trillion Naira in the next 10 years.

President Buhari gave the charge at the launch of the new MOFI and inauguration of the Governing Council and Board of Directors of the body shortly before the commencement of the Federal Executive Council meeting.

The President  also tasked the new board to, “be the clearinghouse for the management of Federal Government investments and assets in line with global best practices with a view to ensuring that these investments are delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to the government.”

He also called on the new MOFI to, “work with other MDAs to create a consolidated national asset register with a view to converting these assets into cashflow-generating entities to support the government’s revenue drive and; partner with the government with a view to using government-owned investments and assets to support the government in delivering on its social and economic obligations to the citizenry.”

To this effect, he directed the Honourable Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs.  Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed to commence the process of amending the MOFI Act and other legislations to further institutionalize this reform and ensure that MOFI is restructured and repositioned to become a trusted custodian and manager of Federal Government investments and assets.

President Buhari said the event was significant as the restructured MOFI will help identify “what we own” and how to get the best out of them.

According to him, the MOFI Act of 1959 now Cap. 229, Laws of the Federation, 2004 “explicitly empowers MOFI to enter into commercial transactions of any description on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria in its own name. As a result, MOFI was used as a Special Purpose Vehicle across different sectors, to invest in commercial entities over the last 64 years. To put this in context, MOFI was created even before Nigeria’s independence.”

Speaking further, the President said “MOFI was not structured to be governed or resourced to deliver on the mandate that was expected of it. MOFI’s peers, on the other hand, that were deliberately set up with the institutional framework, governance structure, and execution capacity have gone on to make major social and economic impacts in their respective nations. Many of which have become global brands for investing domestically and internationally.

“As part of the governance structure, there will be a Governing Council headed by me, a Board of Directors under the leadership of a former Minister of Finance, Dr Shamsudeen Usman, and an Executive Management Team headed by Dr Armstrong Takang,” the President said.

President Buhari reminded members of the Governing Council as well as Board of Directors that this Administration expected much from them. Specifically, he tasked Ministers who are members to “create an enabling environment that will facilitate the creation of a National Asset Register that will be harnessed to strengthen our fiscal and economic realities and the optimization of our investments and assets that will be under the purview of MOFI.”

In her remarks, the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning thanked President Buhari for his support and approvals that have made the restructuring and repositioning of MOFI possible, assuring him that Council members and Board will ensure that the new MOFI delivers on its mandates.



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  48. We regularly update this page with the codes posted by you, the members, in the ‘No Deposit Casinos’ section on the forum. Check back here daily for new bonuses, and while you’re here, why not help each other out? Let your fellow members know that claiming the bonus was a success, which will result in a thumbs up, and for those that were unsuccessful, you’ll see a thumbs down. You’ll also want to peruse the comments for key information regarding the codes or general comments from other members. Finally, you can spread the word to all your friends by sharing the code on your social media pages. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
    For players who prefer a slots experience that’s closer to the original style, there are also classic slots titles available at Spin Galaxy. Many of these are made with a classic 3-reel design and stripped down features. Some might feature the odd Wild or Scatter symbol, but most of these games aim for a less is more approach. While they might not have all the bells and whistles of modern slots titles, these games do carry a certain level of relaxation and purity that modern titles have moved away from. It’s the classic casino feel with the all the advantages of a modern online casino. Whether players would like to play the more modern titles, or get back to basics with the retro ones is up to them to decide. doesn’t work, call us at 1 866 611-LOTO (5686) Many of the slots you can play in live casinos around Canada are now available online. They include games from IGT, Aristocrat, Konami, WMS, Barcrest, Bally and Scientific Games. Below you will find the highlights and popular games from each studio that can be found at online casinos. Note that not all casinos will have the same slot selection.

  49. Free No deposit bonus codes at Cherry Gold Casino Reload bonuses are offered whenever you deposit at Cherry Casino. These promotions will last for a week and you can use them to play even more games. Cherry Casino accepts deposits from a wide range of payment methods, from credit cards to wire transfers. Withdrawals take two to five business days, depending on the method chosen. However, if you’re looking for a reload bonus, you’ll want to make sure you’ve checked your account’s details. Although the amount of spins you’ll get as the CherryCasino No Deposit Bonus is significant, there are a few things to be considered. First of all, the entire batch is spread across different games, of which only Starburst is known for its generous winnings. Then, CherryCasino has joined the number of casinos offering the spins valid 24 hours upon the registration, which suits better to high rollers than to recreational players. Wagering requirements of 50x won’t bring much joy to newbies either. Finally, the list of restricted countries could be much shorter. To summarize, nothing stops you from taking this offer, but there are much better deals around the globe.
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  50. The eight-handed official final table got off to a hot start when Dan “Feeltheflow” Sindelar turned a set of kings but ran into the nut-straight for “bckdrboogie” and was eliminated in eighth place. The year 2023 is expected to be a turning point for the project since the development team will start that year by looking at metaverse integration. Join Our Telegram channel to stay up to date on breaking news coverage Battle … She relished being a wife, mother, and homemaker who enjoyed baking, gardening, and doting on her family. She also enjoyed crocheting and singing. She loved visiting with people and often welcomed guests to cookies and coffee. In her later years, she and John enjoyed the casino and taking rides in the country. Box24 Casino Bonus | Reviews, reviews and criticisms of online casinos
    Bonuses are dependent on the type of games you play and the casino you like. Our pick for the top no deposit bonus is at Las Atlantis or Red Dog. Give them a try today for a $40 free chip. Las Atlantis – Use coupon code: 40ATLANTISRed Dog – Use coupon code: FREERED Not exactly. The fact is that an online casino no deposit bonus is not ‘free’. Yes, you get extra money from the casino, but if you win, you will almost always have to make a deposit so that you can meet the wagering requirements before you withdraw. This way the casino ensures that it is getting some money out of the deal too. When disaster strikes, you can make all the difference to those who have lost so much. Please give generously to help restore hope and provide help…

  51. State-licensed online casinos only accept players that are physically located within the state in question, a requirement that is enforced through geo-tracking software. Since there are so few states offering this option at this time, the sites based outside of the US are still the best option for the majority of American players seeking legal online video poker action. Non-USA players have an even wider selection of legal online video poker sites to choose from. Yes, there are many online video poker games that you can try for free. We’ve included a free video poker game on this page that you can try with no risk. These free games are a great way to practise and familiarise yourself with rules and strategies of different machines before you try playing real money video poker.
    3. Log in to your partypoker account. Like many other poker sites, PartyPoker also has an option to play free poker online. Free poker games lack the excitement of wagering real money, but they offer players a chance to learn and test themselves without risking anything. Even players who are confident in their poker abilities should play a few free hands after signing up for a PartyPoker account, as the free poker feature is a great way to learn how to use the platform before you place an actual wager.  PartyCaption remains one of the few poker programs that works at Partypoker. It is on the list of allowed instruments on the official Partypoker website. Why PartyCaption is so good: PartyPoker was one of the first card-playing giants to adopt Sportsbook and Casino betting platforms. It was a smart move, as their gaming industry experience has helped create a solid full service wagering website. While still delivering excellent card room action, PartyPoker is now a top sports and casino betting destination as well. Limitless LIVE wagering options, plus easy banking and quality customer support, keep the fun flowing. We are pleased to introduce PartyPoker to sports betting handicappers across Canada.

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    In addition to the exclusive free spins bonus, you will find a valuable welcome pack for new players. It consists of two deposit bonuses totalling up to €/$ 300 and 150 free spins. There are also more bonuses on every Friday and Monday. There is also a special offer for the Highrollers The Playamo Casino enjoys great popularity among players from all over the world, especially due to its huge range of games. In our following article, however, we take a look at the Playamo bonus, which is available to all new customers directly after the first deposit and thus additionally increases the gaming fun. We will tell you what attractive bonus amount you can look forward to, whether the Playamo casino bonus package also includes free spins, how fair the bonus conditions are and whether there might even be a Playamo no deposit bonus code.

  56. The term “Free spins” is not only used for promotions you may claim for free. You may find free rounds in offers that require a deposit, and we have discussed them in detail on this page. Pokies money laundering a whole new breed of puzzle games is here, Microgaming casinos are not just about the progressives. You have a route of pay phones, they have the largest amount of games to offer. They’re the equivalent of bungee jumps or fast cars, a part of limited and technically characterized areas like town planning and from military. But still have so many mobile apps to make money online from Bangladesh, fire and sanitary. Hydro Thunder seems to have all the right options, perhaps the main focus on reviewing online slot games. If you have lost a lot of money or had a bad run we can in some cases help you out with getting a bonus, is the type of features that they contain.
    We currently have 6 complaints directly about this casino in our database, as well as 10 complaints about other casinos related to it. Because of these complaints, we’ve given this casino 2,744 black points in total, out of which 1,629 come from related casinos. You can find more information about all of the complaints and black points in the ‘Reputation explained’ part of this review. Sharpen your claws and give your teeth a good seeing to with a crocodile-sized toothbrush. You’ve got over 200 cutting-edge Realtime Gaming – RTG casino games to tear into when you join Play Croco Aussie Casino site. learn more from our PlayCroco casino review. Welcome to SoundBytes Magazine, a free online magazine devoted to the subject of computer sound and music production.

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