December 5, 2022

By Lawrence Akpan, Lagos

Former Senior Special Assistant to the Abia State governor on entertainment and popular entertainment expert, Mr. ‎Uchenna Ebochuo‎ has asked popular comedian Mr. Bright Onyekwere popularly known as Basket Mouth to retract negative comments credited to him lambasting the Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu of not doing enough on roads infrastructure in the state. He described BasketMouth’s comments as childish and unguarded criticism against a State that has benefitted him in every aspects but has refused to make his own contribution towards uplifting the state.Ebochuo‎ in an exclusive chat with The New Narrative Newspaper blamed BasketMouth for his unguarded actions towards his own state while other celebrities like him are busy galvanizing supports to move their respective states forward.BasketMouth, the Abia the Isukwuato, Abia state born popular comedian has in a recent interview to the media (Not this newspaper) said that the government of Abia state under Dr. Ikpeazu has failed to provide democratic dividends such as airports and road infrastructure to the people of the state. Ebochuo also in his reaction noted that such comments from a notable son of Abia state such as BasketMouth is uncalled for noting that if the Comedian has interest of the state at heart, he should bring his ideas to the table and rally support for the development of the state. He said that though it is obvious that BasketMouth is working for his political pay masters, he should distance himself from descending so low to be used by politicians to demarket the state and putting it on a bad light.He said that people like BasketMouth should leverage on their goodwill if he has any one left to attract positive tidings to the state, instead of joining politicians without base and electoral value to present the state in negative light. He said that BasketMouth is using his followership to deceive those who do not know him well, being a very treacherous human being and has variously manipulated the system that trusted him for his selfish interest including pocketing money meant for projects to himself alone. ” I know him closely and he should not push me to talk, he should just be careful to avoid backlash from people like us” he lamented.

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