February 1, 2023

One of Africa’s most famous and celebrated music acts P-Square has revealed that the first project of their reunion will be released in 2023.

Peter Okoye aka Mr. P made the revelation via his Twitter account where he revealed it was a strategic decision for them not to release a new project in 2022 as they wished to tour and connect with their fans. He further revealed that they intend to release the first album of their second coming in 2023.

P-Square has been one of Africa’s most famous duos for close to two decades with their music gaining them massive followership across the world. The twin brothers parted ways in 2017 as they pursued solo careers and this brought an end to the award-winning partnership.

In 2021, the brothers reconciled and returned as a duo announcing themselves in the December 2021 reunion concert in which they apologised to fans for splitting up.

In 2022, P-Square released two tracks ‘Jaiye’ and ‘Find Somebody’. They also performed in multiple countries making special guest appearances at Afronation Portugal and Ghana where they delivered nostalgic performances.

Fans will be eager to receive a new project from the duo whose music captures different eras of the evolution of Afrobeats.

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