June 25, 2024

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has opened up about his absence from the burial of his late colleague, Junior Pope, attributing it to repeated betrayals by the deceased.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Edochie explained that he felt compelled to clarify his nonattendance at the burial, despite acknowledging that Pope was once like a brother to him. He expressed that the late movie producer had backstabbed him multiple times, which influenced his decision not to participate in the burial ceremonies.

“I didn’t want to say anything till after his burial. I know many asked why I wasn’t there or why I haven’t said anything about it since,” Edochie wrote. “I took him like a brother and good friend. I was there for him when he needed me. But he stabbed me in the back, repeatedly. That’s life!”

Edochie hinted that he would reveal more details about the betrayal in due time, emphasizing the importance of being cautious about one’s wishes for others, as they could come back to haunt them.

“I’ll drop the full details soon so others can learn from it. Be careful what you wish people, it could come to you,” he added.

Edochie’s post sparked significant backlash from Nigerians, with many condemning his actions and questioning his stance, especially given his recent declaration as a pastor.

Instagram user Atuanya Chigozie commented, “@yuledochie, my brother, you have to let go of all that… One needs to move forward in life and forget the past. We pray for progression and long life. So bro, forget about all that…. no need bro.”

Another user, Official Salma, expressed disappointment: “How do you talk about not posting anything regarding his death or attending his funeral because you’re not in good terms with him? How? Unfollowing you asap, your heart is too dark.”

Some users pointed out the contradiction in Edochie’s behavior given his pastoral claims. Ben Kingsley remarked, “I thought you’re a pastor. What happened to forgiveness?” while Urazie Maureen added, “Sir Yul, even in death, you’re still holding grudges, yet you want your wife to forgive you.”

Earlier this year, on January 29, Edochie launched his online ministry, True Salvation Ministry, conducting the inaugural service on his YouTube channel. He shared his spiritual journey, detailing a divine calling he felt after surviving a car accident on the Ore road, which he described as a life-altering experience leading him to dedicate his life to serving God and humanity.

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