May 28, 2024

The sudden emergence of banditry via the activities of the armed Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria has become quagmire for the Buhari administration and for the security architecture in the west African communities who have also suffered bloody attacks in the same manner many communities in Nigeria suffered. Combating the activities have proved a herculean task. Its origins and causes have also posed a puzzle for the intelligence communities who find themselves battling the scrooge without the necessary tools required to effectively accomplish the task.

Investigation by into the causative factors and why the scrooge of banditry remains a reoccurring decimal in the Nigerian lexicon revealed a potentially eye popping conclusion. In summative terms, the findings point to directly at operators within the Nigerian security community as the arrowheads. Information gathered through a consortium of sources comprising largely of security experts and persons from the intelligence community strongly suggests Dasuki Sambo, the former National Security Advisor [NSA] to Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan to be the man behind the curtain. Dasuki Sambo is believed by highly placed security officers to be the arrowhead financing the activities of the bandits.

As a caveat, Dasuki Sambo was arrested by officers of the State Security Service [SSS] on December 1, 2015, seven [7] months after the newly sworn-in President Muhammadu Buhari. The ground-breaking arrest came after intense surveillance of Dasuki Sambo’s clandestine activities for over seven months.

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