March 5, 2024

Imolites from all works of life, from those living in the state, to those living in other parts of the country, and of course those in other parts of the world, are excited, have given thumbs up to Dr. Fabian Ihekweme led Imo Social Contract Group and have signed to throw their weight behind whoever the group adopts as the governorship candidate in the November 11 election.

According to Barr. Harry Fanon (Ahiazu Cave), a lawyer, philosopher and political analyst, _”The Imo Social Contract initiative is a welcome idea. It is a unilateral agreement wherein the other signing parties did not have input in the drafting of the agreement clauses.”_

Hon. Chike Divine, Labour Party Diaspora Committee Chairman observed, _”All we need is sincerity of purpose for any candidate coming to sign the social contract with Ndi-Imo. Unfortunately political office seekers have fooled us over the years, hence there’s this huge trust deficit. I really pray and wish the Imo Social Contract Group will change this ugly narrative this time around. I’m quite optimistic.”_

In the words of Mr. Wisdom Obioma, a biochemist, media personality and political analyst, _”The aim of a social contract theory is to show that members of some society have reason to endorse policy, sharing, and shared responsibility are key elements of any social contract. Social contract policy is all we know now in Imo. it will help in making us hold our government accountable.”_

By way of caution, Evangelist Ibeh Kingsley reminded us, _”You cannot have laws, or agreements without the apparatus (intra vires) to enforce them, knowing full well what our political clime looks like. Keep in mind, these are Governors with a mindset of “immunity” from prosecution. You’ll be more or less a Paper Tiger.”_

Making his own contribution, Chief Goodnews Chukwudi Ugorji, consultant, farmer and community leader opined, _”Great men do take a risk to achieve great benefits or results. We can’t be doing things  the same way and expect a different result.”_

The Imo Social Contract Group have been described as the game changer in the November 11 gubernatorial election in Imo State and with the support and partnership coming from left, right and center, whoever they endorse and unvile is sure to win the election in a landslide victory.

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