May 28, 2024

In a notable gesture of reconciliation, Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has reached out to Joe Ajaero, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), urging him to mend fences and collaborate with the LP leadership.

During his first press conference since surviving a harrowing fire incident at his Abuja residence on April 3, Abure appealed to Ajaero to put aside past grievances and join efforts to rebuild the nation.

Tensions between Abure and Ajaero had escalated due to disputes over control of the LP party structure, with accusations of unilateral leadership and financial impropriety hurled from both sides.

Addressing reporters at the party’s headquarters in Abuja, Abure emphasized his longstanding camaraderie with Ajaero, highlighting their shared history of advocating for workers’ rights.

He pleaded with Ajaero to prioritize the interests of the Nigerian people over internal strife, emphasizing the need for unity to address pressing issues such as stagnant minimum wages and unfair labor practices.

Asserting that internal discord within the Labour Party only serves to undermine the broader goals of worker advocacy, Abure urged Ajaero and the NLC to refocus their efforts on collective action for the benefit of all workers.

In light of ongoing economic challenges and the need for concerted efforts to improve working conditions, Abure called for collaboration rather than conflict, emphasizing that division within the labor movement ultimately weakens its ability to effect meaningful change.

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