May 28, 2024

A man, yet to be identified, was apprehended for allegedly possessing a bomb on the premises of a bank in Dadin Kowa town, located in the Jos South area of Plateau State.

Upon the discovery of the bomb in the suspect’s possession, an alarm was raised, prompting swift action from vigilant security personnel who managed to subdue him and prevent a potential tragedy.

Security analyst Zagazola Makama, in a post on X, commended the vigilante security team at the bank for their quick response, which averted a possible attack.

However, the situation escalated as an angry mob gathered, demanding that the suspect be lynched on the spot.

The suspect was eventually handed over to the police for further investigation, as captured in a picture shared by Makama showing the bomb strapped around the suspect’s belly.

At present, it remains unclear whether the suspect has any affiliations with terrorist organizations operating in the country, and investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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