May 28, 2024

In the wake of a recent meeting between former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and ex-Anambra State Governor Peter Obi, social media platforms have become abuzz with discussions and debates surrounding the possibility of the two politicians forming a presidential ticket for the 2027 election.

The conversation was sparked by Obi’s visit to Atiku’s residence in Abuja, which marked their first meeting since their political paths diverged in 2022. As news of the encounter spread, netizens took to platforms like X, Facebook, and Instagram to voice their opinions on the potential pairing.

A poll conducted on X posed the question, “In light of the unexpected meeting between Atiku and Obi, would you support a combined Peoples Democratic Party-Labour Party ticket with Atiku as presidential candidate and Obi as vice presidential candidate?” The results revealed a clear divide among respondents, with 70% expressing reluctance to support the proposed ticket and 30% indicating their approval.

Analysis of the poll responses indicated various reasons for the skepticism towards the Atiku-Obi pairing. Some users favored Obi as the presidential candidate with Atiku as his running mate, while others expressed reservations about the collaboration between the PDP and LP candidates.

For instance, X user Victor Wolemonwu, tweeting as #DrVic_Exotic, suggested that Obi should take the presidential candidacy, with Atiku assuming the role of vice president or supporting Obi from a position of elder statesmanship.

On the other hand, some users emphasized Atiku’s potential to play a mentorship role in the 2027 elections. BIG_BEN, tweeting as #Big_Ben_21, advocated for Atiku to take a supportive role, while Olasupo Jakes – BSc (Hons), RPN, urged that Obi be the main candidate.

The debate extended to other platforms, with Facebook user Joel Peter asserting that Atiku should step aside for Obi or retire from politics altogether. Meanwhile, Instagram user #adesina8478 predicted failure for both candidates and questioned their suitability for the presidency.

Amidst the diverse opinions and passionate arguments, it remains uncertain whether Atiku and Obi will heed the calls for collaboration or pursue separate political paths in the lead-up to the 2027 election.

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